Month: August 2017

Remington HKVAC-2000 Precision Vacuum Haircut Kit Review

I purchased the Remington HKVAC-2000 Precision Vacuum Haircut Kit for my children and husband to use. It works well on beards as well as for regular haircuts, so I didn’t have to make two separate purchases. One of the things that I liked best was that there was no mess to clean up afterwards. All I have to do is just dump the container that collects the hair into the trash, and cleanup is done.

This set of clippers is made with a vacuum function that I really like. The vacuum works pretty well, but it isn’t perfect. Some of the smaller hairs aren’t picked up, and if you are cutting longer hair you do need to clean the container out several times during the process. I also wished that the clippers had better directions, so that it wasn’t as intimidating to start cutting hair with them. I am still pleased with the Remington. One of the best things about it is that I never have to oil the titanium blade.

I also love that so many attachments come with this set so I can adjust the length. The Remington HKVAC ‘s titanium blades that have stayed sharp through dozens of haircuts, and the right and left ear guard let me finish up the haircut for a professional look. The kit also comes with 6 attachments to choose from, so I can choose the hair length I want easily. Also included are hair clips that are useful to separate sections of hair and scissors that I can use if I need to trim up any stray hairs. The scissors are also useful in trimming beards.

I usually use the shorter attachments during the summer, and the longer attachments during the winter. All of the accessories come in a carrying case along with the haircut kit, so I can store it easily.

Using the Remington haircut kit can be kind of intimidating if you haven’t ever cut anyone’s hair, but the attachments that fit onto the end of the clippers ensure a perfect cut every time. I just use the size I want, and then alternate the left and right ear attachment pieces as needed to complete the hair cut.

The vacuum function of the clippers is my favorite feature, since it makes clean up easier. The Titanium blades stay sharp, too, so even the most impatient family members can have a haircut that is over quickly, and I don’t have to spend as much time cleaning up stray hairs thanks to the vacuum feature. Right now, sells the Remington HKVAC-2000 $11 cheaper than the usual retail price. This is a big 28% discount so grab it while it lasts!


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